NFT Tokyo

Tokyo Metro Trade Center
Minato, Tokyo

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How should companies enter Web3? Discuss how with others and learning from the latest use cases from around the world.



Held in March, it was a great start. With a passionate group of supporters, we were able to start talking about the state of Japan by unlocking the stories of top global speakers.

What we found out is that "no one has the correct answer to web3's future. Everyone has a chance to be the best in the world."

No one knows what's going to happen.

One question I always asked in interviews with speakers from around the world was, "What's going to happen next?" Everyone said, "I don't know the right answer as to what will happen next." What was great about that answer is that they don't do things just because they don't know. If there is a possibility, they take the risk and try. People often say that the U.S. is advanced. I agree, but I think that is not necessarily because of technological progress, but because 'taking risks and moving forward' seems moving forward to others. By the time the market matures, the results will show up as a clear difference. Since the world is still in an exploring phase, everyone has a chance to become the best in the world. There are many IPs and creation in Japan that the world cannot copy. They are trying new things under the surface. The world doesn't know that yet.

The technical aspects of web3 are still in progress.

When people talk about web3, metaverse, NFT, DAO and various technical terms are used. This is also something that I have found in talking to top players in the industry that the stories told in the media are idealistic and the reality is still in progress. Metaverse does not exist yet, and there are still many things to be discussed on a global level, such as how to prove true authenticity, the value of NFT, and the distribution of IP rights.

We need to work together beyond the border.

At the last Summit, Joi Ito said, "In the western countries, Web3 tends to be promoted by only those who understand it. Others tend to be left behind because it is hard to teach people who don't understand it." To apply to mass, we need to collaborate beyond the countries. The beauty of the Internet has been always the collaboration with everyone on the globe. We are here to bridge the people across the world. Once you are part of it, you are all connected. We hope to make that place for everyone.

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