Business & Philanthropy Forum 2022

Shangri-La Singapore
22 Orange Grove Rd, SG

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A three-day premier gathering and immersive learning for global families, family offices/foundations, tech/web3 founders and investors, regulators and nonprofit leaders, in-person in Asia's wealth hub Singapore.



Driven by the technology-led new economy in the region, the wealth in Asia is booming. High-tech iteration and the rapid development of Metaverse have created vast opportunities and greater space for impact investment and business-philanthropy integration and innovation. Many new wealthy families here in Asia are today's new economic engine which represent new growth ideas and new economy opportunities; while centuries-old families that "maintain rich beyond three generations" represent the resilience and wisdom accumulated in their multi-generational history. Our forum brings together new and old wealthy families around the world, with philanthropic planning, social innovation, technology venture capital and family inheritance as common interests and values, to help them build consensus and trust, seek synergistic development and impact investment opportunities in the field of business and philanthropy, and explore the ways of social innovation in the post-pandemic era.

Moreover, the past years have seen huge inflows of Chinese families, especially high-net-worth families into Singapore. The Singapore government's advocacy and promotion in digital innovation and fintech has attracted a large amount of new rich and leading tech entrepreneurs in relevant fields. Based in Singapore, the Business and Philanthropy Forum provides those Asian families with a valuable opportunity to learn and practice social innovation.

Our conference draws inspirations and aspirations from many UHNW families, who have not only achieved success in their business and but also aim to achieve the same influence in the field of philanthropy, to hold a philanthropic "Davos" belonging to Asia. The Forum composed of offline plenary meetings, impact investment program roadshows, and masterclasses ensures that you are not only participating in a conference, but also learning and practicing on the platform to meet the different needs of your individual, family and institution. The sixth Business and Philanthropy Forum will be held in Singapore from 21st to 23rd November 2022. Please schedule your time. We look forward to your participation in this social innovation feast in the post-pandemic era.

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